Can boxing help women lose weight and how?
Can boxing help women lose weight and how?

As surprising as it may sound, boxing is one of the most effective workouts to choose. Many see it as being reserved for the tough and brave. The truth is that you can practice it to burn away those excess calories.  

Boxing has a wide range of styles. Choosing the one that is right for you will help you perform efficiently and help you lose weight faster than other types of exercise. 

Boxing Styles

At the gym, you will probably be faced with different boxing styles and you might find the one that best resonates with you. These styles may include kickboxing, cardio kickboxing, or turbo kickboxing. 

Regardless of style, there are some basic elements in boxing. You are engaging in hand-to-hand combat where you have to combine a series of punches, kicks, and defending positions. You should also be able to move about to engage your opponent. 

You do not need to have an actual opponent to practice boxing. This means that you can easily get started in your house. 

How Long Before I Start Losing Weight

Boxing is a combination of cardiovascular exercise and hard work that tones muscles and bones. You will start losing weight from the very first session if done correctly, but may be imperceptible at the beginning.  

The amount of weight you lose will obviously depend on the intensity of your workout, the kind of boxing you practice, your weight, and your exercise heart rate. 

Boxing vs. Other Exercises

One exciting aspect of boxing is that it is not repetitive like running or bench-pressing. The fact that boxing provides a wide range of exercises you could be practicing makes it more appealing.

Due to the variety of movements and styles, boxing is a complete exercise that will help you lose up to three times the calories than running exercises.   

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  • Can boxing help women lose weight and how?
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