Work- diet balance
Work- diet balance

In this era of competition, we have to do hard work to compete everyone and to stay ahead. As we have to handle our each and every responsibility, either it is work, study or taking care of our family, so some time we are not able to take care of our health, we are not able to sleep properly and we can’t take rest properly. But how much you are busy don’t compromise with your health and diet. It should be maintained so that our body should work properly.

Some necessary nutrients required for our body to work properly are proteins, fats and the most important source of energy: carbohydrates. When we eat anything, our body automatically break downs it nutrients into smaller part so that our body can gain energy from it which is necessary for us else we will not be able to work properly. From carbohydrates our body gets sugar and this sugar break downs into glucose in our blood cells which in return provides us energy. We can get carbohydrate from whole-grain food, beans, cereals etc
Other important nutrient required for our body is protein, which we can get from chicken, pork, legumes, seeds, nuts etc.

But we should also control our some eating habits, things like candies, cookies, sugar beverages etc. because they are able to provide instant energy but we can’t retain it for longer time. Follow good eating habits, avoid alcohol and excessive caffeine. Eating healthy is very necessary to maintain work-diet balance.


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